Rotating Garden Pods

Garden Pods are a unique and trendy addition to any home, offering year round cover, they can be enjoyed as much in the winter time as they can in the summer months allowing you to enjoy your garden all year round. Garden Pods are more than simply an alternative to gazebos or conservatories, they offer a home in a home offering luxurious comfort as well as heating (add ons) and lighting.

UK Garden pods are some of the most well made on the market. We have selected a range of garden pods to suit most if not all gardens, pods come in all shapes and sizes and offer different and varied usage. From relaxation and family downtime to garden office pods and we have chosen to showcase Farmer’s Cottage Garden Pods to exemplify how unique and design led a garden pod can be.

Farmer’s Cottage Garden pods offer a distinct design, these aren’t office sheds and are not your typical garden shape, these are luxury garden pod spheres using the very best all weather timbers and materials, waterproof inside and out, offering storage and comfortable seating.

Farmer’s Cottage garden pods also offer a unique perspective and allow you to enjoy your garden to its fullest, being spheres they allow you to sit in any direction and view any angle you wish, not only that but these are rotating garden pods, although the windows are tinted to offer shade, these pods revolve to enjoy the sun or deflect the wind and rain at your choosing

Whether you wish to relax, work or allow your children to sleep outside or finish off their homework in pleasant surrounds, garden pods offer a usability second to none. Enjoy your garden time to the fullest with 360 degree visibility, luxury seating and cushions, a table and storage with lighting for when the sun goes down. Garden pods are an excellent alternative to the norm.